• Jan Brown

Writing during the Pandemic

When lockdown was first declared back in March I thought firstly of all the things I would miss, friends and family, meals out and trips away and then I realised the enormous positive. I would have time, oodles of time with no one needing me to be anywhere or do anything I couldn't imagine a greater gift than that of free time to abandon myself to writing and never need to feel guilty. I had a book to finish, the germ of an idea for the next one so in my mind I was already knocking on the publisher's door by July at the latest.

So much for dreams. I did finish the book I was working on, based on my Great Grandmother's life and delivered it to the publisher on time but it wasn't easy. I found it hard to focus, difficult to pin myself down in front of the computer, my mind would flit away to the latest news bulletin, the on line grocery order or a phone chat with my daughter. In fact once the manuscript had been sent I could find any number of excuse to turn away from the initial research and planning for my next book. After the summer months where we enjoyed slightly more freedom and time outdoors, I signed up and paid for a creative writing on line course just to get myself back on track. I am now three quarters of the way through this and the assessment tasks have helped me to plan and build the characters and structure of the next book. Writing has returned to a daily discipline and I am now enjoying it again.

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