• Jan Brown

Saint David's Day March 1st

Daffodils, male voice choirs, winning the many things that make me feel proud to be Welsh and never more so since moving back across the border and rediscovering my Celtic roots. There are many ways of looking at life, some focus firmly on the future and what may happen, some are able to sit firmly in the present, ever mindful of what is happening right now in life, and some feel the call of the past. I tend to fit in to the latter camp, particularly so the older I become but my retrospective stance is not one of regret or blame, lugging a heavy weight of emotional baggage with me but one of respect and interest, of an emotional pull to the land that has shaped my family over hundreds of years. Wales is defined by its culture and history, always the underdog, but resolute and determined; always the poor relation in fiscal terms but the wealthiest in song and poetry, mountains and lakes, a country steeped in deep devotion and affection for the places and people that are its heart. So it is special to recognise the Saint's Day today and feel a part of something much bigger than myself.

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