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Writers Must be Readers

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

I began to read at a very early age, long before I went to school and had read everything the Children's Library had to offer by 11 and was the youngest member ever of the Adult Library in the town where I grew up. I cannot imagine a life without books and I am sure that this has played a major role in becoming a writer myself.

I love books about people and relationships; where better to learn that our feelings and emotions have all been experienced before by many others? Books have been my counsellors and friends, they have helped me rear my children, cope with divorce and finding love again. They have provided me with factual help in everything rom finances to decorating and the fiction that I have enjoyed has shown me a myriad ways of facing up to life's problems and hardships.

We all have to face death at some point, either our own or that of someone close to us and when I was working with elderly people I saw first hand the struggle that many have in letting go of their ailing parents and also providing emotional support to the parent who is dying. As a result I wrote a short book, a novella, 'A Fearful, Frightening Happening', in which I tried to convey some positive thoughts on death and grieving. It has been read with gratitude by many.

For anyone who is thinking of a writing seriously my advice is to read and read some more.

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